10 Reasons to Throw A Party

Friday August 14, 2020 | Event Planning

Yearning to invite your friends over and party? But it’s not your birthday, or a holiday. That doesn’t matter, there are so many other reasons for you to get together. We have listed 10 reasons to throw a party to get you started. No matter the reason you’re celebrating, decor is a must for all parties. Otherwise it’s just not a proper party. Balloons, flower walls, photo booths and more fit in with any party reason so they are perfect for whatever your theme is.

1. It’s your half birthday.

Half birthdays and un-birthdays both are great reasons to throw a party. Make a half birthday cake by cutting a circle cake in half and stacking it.

Decor: Balloons, streamers and a pinata. 

2. It’s your friendaversary.

Did Facebook remind you that you and your best friend have been friends for twelve years? Maybe it’s been even longer than that because you met them before social media. Mark it in your calendar and celebrate the amazing friendaversary.

Decor: Flower wall and balloons in your bestie and your favourite colours.

3. You mastered a new recipe.

Have you been perusing Pinterest and found a yummy looking recipe? Maybe you finally mastered it and it looks just like the picture. Celebrate that and share your tasty new food with friends.

Decor: Candy Cart to display you tasty food

4. There’s a big game on TV.

Are you an avid sports fan? Grab that lucky jersey and make team coloured drinks. Have everyone bring a dish for a potluck feast.

Decor: Balloons in your team’s colours.

5. You started a new relationship.

Are you super excited about your new beau? Want a reason to introduce him to all of your friends. Throw a party. Invite his friends and yours and get to know each other’s besties.

Decor: Photo booth to take silly photos with your significant other and friends.

6. You ended a relationship.

Did you end a relationship, or maybe you were left. Either way good riddance. It’s time to move on in life and party with the people that are there for you through thick and thin.

Decor: Black balloons, black streamers and black party plates. 

7. It’s your pets birthday.

Pets are part of our family, so it doesn’t have to be your birthday. You can celebrate your dog, cat or even your goldfish’s birthday. 

Decor: Marquee numbers with your pets age.

8. Pity Party.

Did you lose your job, or are just in a mood lately. Just because you’re sad doesn’t mean you should be alone. Invite all your friends over, play sad music and enjoy the company.

Decor: Black, gray and white balloons.

9. It’s warm outside.

If you have a backyard this is the theme for you. As soon as it’s warm outside everyone will want to bask in the sun and show off their cute new summer dress.

Decor: Flower wall for a spectacular photo backdrop.

10. Just cause.

There are a million silly reasons to use as an excuse to throw a party, but maybe you don’t need one. Maybe you just want to throw a party just cause.

Decor: Photo booth with every kind of prop you can think of.

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