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Are you in search of the perfect decorations? Rent marquee Letters in St.Petersburg to light up your events whether it be big or small. Marquee decorations are the ideal decor items for any event.

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Marquee lights are the ultimate decorations which can lighten up your event. Our marquee lights are just $79 per letter. Floral Wall Backdrops In Miami Balloon Decor Service In Miami Photo Booth Rentals In Miami

Marquee Lights for rental in St. Petersburg

Looking for a way to propose, make a jaw dropping decor piece, or put your initials at your party. Our 44″ Marquee lights have the perfect touch to make your decor stand out.

Marquee Tables for rental in St. Petersburg

Spice up your table by renting the Marquee tables in St. Petersburg. This can hold any event including cake, gifts, other decor items and more.

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Marquee Decor Service offers cheap and high quality products which will make your event a memorable one. Our professionalism and high quality serves has made us one of the top marquee rental companies. With great customer service and the highest quality of materials we will ensure that you get the best Marquee Decor for your events in St. Petersburg. So what are you waiting for? Contact us for more detail and get your Marquee Decor today!

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