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Looking to find the perfect decor for your family or corporate event? There is no need to go any further. Let Marquee Lights Rental Service in Grand Rapids is here to take care of all your needs. We are excited to help you decorate your venue, so you can have an amazing day! When renting marquee letters in Detroit, it won’t be hard to decorate your venue for celebrating. Event planning won’t be stressful with Marquee Lights Rental Service by your side. Do not allow your event preparations to overwhelm you as you prepare for the celebration. Renting marquee letters in Grand Rapids has never been any smoother!

Our company provides decorative pieces of high quality, with outstanding customer service, for an all-around personalized experience. Have you thrown or attended an event in Grand Rapids that used our decor items? Please tell us what you think about our services! We know that many people would like to learn about your experience too! Write a review, and let us know how we helped decorate your event!

There are several lifetime occasions to be honored; baby showers, gender reveals, graduations, engagement parties, weddings, retirements, and many more in between. We celebrate these momentous and memorable occasions with unforgettable parties. Marquee Lights Rental Service in Grand Rapids is here to make your celebration spectacular. By celebrating we honor these achievements. Let Marquee Lights Rental Service help you commemorate your event and have the most unforgettable day in your life. Rent marquee letters in Grand Rapids today to decorate your venue. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about our services.

Our Services

Marquee letters without lights

Choose our luminescent marquee letters in Grand Rapids for a modern and chic decor. For greater versatility in your decor, add our glass tabletop to be placed on the letters. Create an elegant table, which can be used for anything you need. These letters are 32″ tall and white, which make them adaptable to any event.

Marquee letters with lights Grand Rapids

In Grand Rapids, rent marquee letters with lights to decorate your venue and make it an unforgettable event. Use these special marquee letters to easily add glamour and light up your event space. Marquee letters with lights work for any event from baby showers to corporate events. Use these marquee letters as a way to light up your dance floor at a wedding or engagement party. Marquee letters with lights are 48″ tall, with wired lights and a switch

Floral Wall Backdrops In Grand Rapids

We have a wide variety of flower wall backdrops for rent in Grand Rapids. Our flower wall is great as wedding decor in Grand Rapids, and is perfect for just about everything else. It’s exactly what you were missing out on.

Balloon Decor Service In Grand Rapids

We offer a variety of Balloon Decor for rent in Grand Rapids. Our balloons are perfect for anything you host. Helping to improve the look of your night.

Floral Wall Backdrops In Grand Rapids

We offer photo booths for rent in Grand Rapids. Our photo booths help you to remember your best moments with high quality photos. Our photo booths in Grand Rapids take amazing photos making your night impressive.

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