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Are you in search of Decor for your upcoming event in Everett? Upcoming Wedding, Birthday Party, Baby Shower, Graduation, or something? Our company Marquee Decor Rentals in Everett is perfect for you! We specialize in Decor Rental services for events in Everett! Finding the right decor pieces for your event shouldn’t be a tedious task, or something stressful. Leave the details of the decor for your event to us! Booking a Decor with us here at Marquee Letters Rental, and the stress of finding the right decor pieces for your event will be left to us! 

Our mission here at Marquee Letters Rental here in Everett is to provide you with the highest-quality service we possibly can! We aim to ensure that your experience with us is a positive and memorable one! Did you recently have a positive experience using the services provided by our company? Write us a review! We love reading reviews, and we are open to constructive criticism as well! We are highly grateful for all of the wonderful customers here in Everett! Book a Decor service for your upcoming Wedding, Birthday Party, Graduation, and more today with Marquee Letters Rental! 

Finding a Decor service for your event shouldn’t be a difficult task! Hosting an event is meant to be a time to relax with family members, and friends! Booking a Rental Service with Marquee Letters Rentals in Everett will take the stress of finding the right decor for your event off your hands! Booking with Marquee Lights Rentals here in Everett for your wedding, birthday’s, and more is guaranteed to leave you with a  great experience! If you have any inquiries regarding the service we provide please don’t hesitate to contact us at the email or phone number provided on our website, and we will get back to you! Finding the perfect decor for your event has never been easier, with Marquee Decor Rental Services!

Our Services

Marquee letters without lights In Everett

For a simple yet still elegant Decor piece, our Marquee Letters with Lights are perfect for your event! These letters stand 30 inches tall, and they come with a clear glass table. This glass table can be used for almost anything, such as a dessert table or gift table! These Letters are in the colour White which make them versatile and usable for almost any theme!

Marquee letters with lights In Everett

Book our Marquee Letters with Lights here in Everett if you want a certain word to stand out! These letters are the perfect additional decor piece to add to your event! Also, These letters stand 48 inches tall and come with wired lights and a switch! These letters are the perfect addition to your event, and are perfect for lighting up your event!

Everett Mr & Mrs Marquee Letters Rental
Everett Love Letters with Table Rental
Everett Marry Me Marquee Letters Rental
Everett Marquee Numbers Letters Rental

Floral Wall Backdrops In Everett

We offer Flower Wall Backdrops that are perfect for a Wedding, Anniversary, Graduation, and more! These flower wall backdrops are the perfect accent piece for your event, and will surely stand out in pictures! Our Flower Wall Backdrops are perfect because they are available in different colours, so you can select one that matches your theme best!


Balloon Decor Service In Everett

We offer a variety of different  Balloon Decorations here at Marquee Lights Rentals in Everett! These Balloons are perfect for a Birthday Party, baby Shower, and more! Our Balloon decorations come in many different colours so you can select one that suits the theme of your event best!

Everett One Block Letters with Table Rental
Everett Custom Block Numbers with Table Rental
Everett Baby Block Letters with Table Rental
Everett Custom Block Letters Rental

Photo Booth Rentals in Everett

Our company offers a Photo Booth rental so you can capture moments with your loved ones at your event! These Photo Booth pictures create great memories! Our Photo Booths produce high-quality pictures, along with the option of digital pictures!

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$79 Per Letter + Delivery Fees

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