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Marquee letters in Santa Barbara

Marquee Decor Service would love to help plan your milestones whether it be a birthday, graduation, new job offer, a wedding and etc. Regardless of what milestone you are celebrating our Marquee Decor will help give a personalized touch to your event. Make your milestone memorable by adding Marquee Decor.

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Our Services and Pricing Santa Barbara

We offer many different types of Marquee Decor including Marquee tables, letters, numbers and lights. Our products are made from the finest quality and our letters being one of the best. Our services are priced at just $79 per letter + delivery.

Marquee Lights for rental in Santa Barbara

Highlight your special number, initials of the bride/groom, your name, gender reveal and more with our Marquee Lights. They are 44″ in height and are made to be noticed and the show-stoppers of the event.

Marquee Tables for rental in Santa Barbara

Take your decor and add it with a splash in Santa Barbara with our gorgeous Marquee Tables. These Marquee tables with an additional clear glass table top can help showcase all your decor and food items. Add some style to your event by renting a Marquee Table in Santa Barbara.

Why rent Marquee Decor by Marquee Decor Service in Santa Barbara?

Decor, Decor, Decor- You can’t have any event without the decorations and especially without Marquee Decorations. Rent Marquee decor today with Marquee Decor Service in Santa Barbara and we will help make your event stand out!

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