Flower Walls

Flower wall rentals are excellent as wedding decor, birthday party decor, bridal engagements, etc. We have a wide selection of flower wall backdrop rentals available below. 

Red Rose Flower Wall

The red rose flower wall is one of our most beautiful flower walls. It’s a classic rose and green leaf flower wall which has a lot of depth and colour.

Purple Flower Wall

The purple lavender flower wall is rich in purples and reds. It is suitable for an event, party or wedding which has tones of purple, red or lavender.

Blush with Greenery Flower Wall

The blush with greenery wall is a stunning flower wall backdrop with tones of pinks, yellow, champagne, white and green leaves.

Pink Blush Flower Wall

The pink blush flower wall is our most popular flower wall and has a mix of pink blush, white, cream, and medium pink tones. It’s made of roses and hydrangea flowers.

White Champagne Flower Wall

The white champagne flower wall is a classic flower wall which fits almost any type of event theme as it is gender neutral.

White Drape Enchantment Flower Wall

The white drape enchantment flower wall is a beautiful backdrop with white sheer drapes, twinkle lights, and a white, pink and blush flower wall topper with greenery.

Blue and white paper flower wall

Our blue and white paper flower walls are 8×8 feet in size and come with long sheer drapes. The paper flowers are mounted on top to add a beautiful and colourful contrast to the white drapes. .

Pink and White Paper Flower Wall

The paper flower walls come with long white sheer drapes, and a mix of colours of paper flowers on the top and sides. The pink and white paper flower wall contrasts very nicely with the white sheer drapes.

Pink and Peach Paper Flower Wall

Our pink and peach flower wall is a great choice for birthdays and bridal showers. If you’re looking for a pink or peach themed flower wall this should be at the top of your choices.

Red and Gold Paper Flower Wall

The red and gold paper flower wall has rich tones of dark gold and red. The roses that comprise this wall, each hand-crafted, look fantastic! We loved building this wall and having it part of many special events.

Kate Spade Paper Flower Wall

The Kate Spade paper flower wall is made of a black and white stripped backdrop and gold and white paper flowers on top. It’s a popular choice for bridal showers.

Full Pink Paper Flower Wall

Our full pink paper flower wall is a stunning 8×8 display our premium paper flowers in a mix of white, cream, champagne, rose gold and gold colours. This will be sure to brighten up your room and create a lot of buzz for picture taking!

Green Boxwood 8×24

Our green boxwood flower wall 8 x 24 feet is 8 feet tall and 24 feet wide. It’s a great choice as a wedding backdrop and for corporate events.

Green Boxwood Flower Wall

The original green boxwood flower wall is a staple for the wedding and event industry. It’s arguably the most popular backdrop used for events as it can fit into any type of theme.

Green High Tea Flower Wall

The green high tea flower wall is very popular. The roses and greenery along the top and sides contrast beautifully against the green boxwood wall. Definitely a favourite by our customers!

Victorian Arch

The Victorian Archway is a wedding archway often used in a wedding ceremony. It’s our most popular archway and full of pink blush, cream, and white roses with greenery on long garland.

Meadow Archway

The Meadow Archway is a popular flower archway with sheer white drapes which flow beautifully to the floor and pink, cream, and blush roses with greenery on each side and top.

Mixed Flower Ring

Dimensions: 8 feet tall x 6.5 feet wide.

This mixed flower ring is the most rented flower wall on our site to date and is continuing to be purchased day by day. It is most popularly used as a wedding backdrop, bridal shower decoration, or baby shower backdrop for a girl. The flower wall has a mix of hydrangeas, and pink rose, along with some other pink and white flowers.

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