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You have a need for marquee lights in Memphis?  Here at Marquee Lights Rental Service we would like to help. We want you to never forget any special moment with your family, and friends. We want everything to be simple for everyone. Rent marquee lights in Memphis to improve your decor for family and friends.

We have absolutely incredible customer service, and want your experience to be a pleasant one. Have you used our lights before? How were they? How were we? We would love feedback from your experience with us! Let others know how we did.

Marquee lights in Memphis are just what you need for any event, or gathering. We can, and will help with small or large events. Marquee Rental Services wants you to enjoy your experience. We want to keep plans simple for you, and everyone else. Rent marquee lights in Memphis for a better experience. Contact us for any questions.

Our Services

Marquee letters without lights In Memphis – Our marquee letters without lights in Memphis are perfect for everything you might need. We also offer a glass tabletop for the letters. Letting you construct a table that fits any occasion. The marquee letters are white 32” decoration. Perfect for events, and gatherings.

Marquee letters with lights In Memphis

In Memphis, rent marquee letters with lights for a better experience in any party, or event you have. These lights make the perfect decor for any situation. Marquee letters with lights are 48″ tall, with wired lights and a switch.
Memphis Marry Me Marquee Letters rental
Memphis Mr & Mrs Marquee Letters Rental
Memphis Custom Marquee Numbers Rental
Memphis Marquee Letters Rental

Floral Wall Backdrops In Memphis

We offer a variety of flower wall backdrops for rent in Memphis. Our flower wall is amazing wedding decor in Memphis, and is exactly what your best moments were missing. It’s extra colour to improve those moments.  

Balloon Decor Service In Memphis

We have a variety of Balloon Decor for rent in Memphis. Our balloons are perfect for all your unique moments. They change any event, or gathering in a good way.
Memphis Baby Block Letters Rental
Memphis Block Letters Rental
Memphis Custom Block Numbers Rental
Memphis One Block Letters with Table Rental

Photo Booth Rentals In Memphis

We offer photo booths for rent in Memphis. Our photo booths are here to help you memorize your special moments. Our photo booths in Memphis take beautiful photos of your night. Allowing you to share photos of your night with family, or friends.  

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$79 + delivery

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