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Hit a milestone at school, work or in your life? Then, why not celebrate it with Marquee Decor? Marquee Decor Service in San Diego aims to make your events better with big block letters that will make your venue glow. Rent Marquee letters in San Diego with the one of the top companies. Don’t trust our word? Check us out on and to see verifications from our past experiences with customers. Have you had the chance to work with us on any of your occasions? If yes, leave us a review to help us improve and grow Marquee Decor Service in San Diego. Spread the word about Marquee Decor Service in San Diego with your experience.

Our Services and Pricing San Diego

We offer a variety of styles in Marquee Decor including Marquee lights, letters, numbers and tables with just a small price of $79 per letter + delivery.

Marquee Lights for rental in San Diego

Food, guest list, decorations, seating arrangements, and music are just some of the details needed in an event. Having trouble with the decorations for your event. Do not fear, because the Marquee Decor Service is here! We can help make your event successful with the most suitable decorations such as Marquee letters to complement your party.

Marquee Tables for rental in San Diego

Take your decor to the next level with Marquee Tables. Marquee tables add that extra touch to your event. They are the perfect option for indoor, outdoor and type of events. These 3 feet in height tables can be the creative touch your event in San Diego needs.

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With top customer service and customer satisfaction we aim to make your events successful. Our cheap prices and high quality make us the go to event company by many. Contact us now to rent your Marquee Decor in San Diego and for more information!

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