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Marquee letters in Palo Alto

Even though parties and events are fun, planning an event can be very stressful. Make it simple by renting marquee letters in Palo Alto. Marquee Decor Service in Palo Alto is known to be one of the top Marquee letters and can make your event a success.

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Our Services and Pricing Palo Alto

We offer a range of products/services including customizable letters, numbers, lights and tables at a small price of $79 per letter + delivery.

Marquee Lights for rental in Palo Alto

Rent Marquee lights in Palo Alto which are known for its versatility and ability to be a stunning decoration. Rent our illuminating 44″ lights to glow up your events.

Palo Alto Mr & Mrs Marquee Letters Rental
Palo Alto Marquee Numbers Rental
Palo Alto Marquee Letters Rental
Palo Alto Love Marquee Letters Rental

Marquee Tables for rental in Palo Alto

Are you looking for a creative table to make your party stand out and thinking of how to make one? No need! Marquee Decor Service has a variety of Marquee Tables to rent in Palo Alto just for you. Marquee tables come in many designs and can be customized to your liking. With a clear glass top, Marquee Tables can hold many items.

Palo Alto Baby Block Letters with Table Rental
Palo Alto One Block Letters with Table Rental
Palo Alto Custom Block Letters with Table Rental
Palo Alto Custom Block Numbers Rental

Why rent Marquee Decor by Marquee Decor Service in Palo Alto?

Marquee Decor Services in Palo Alto has all the different designs you are looking for at cheap prices and high quality. As one of the top rated companies Marquee Decor Services are perfect for all your Marquee Decor needs.

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