5 Types of Marquee Letters for Anniversary Parties

Tuesday August 4, 2020 | Design and Decor | Marquee Decor

An anniversary is an exciting milestone no matter how many years you have been together. Planning the anniversary party can be tough, what decorations are right for your event? Marquee letter rentals are always a great idea for decor; they are a wonderful way to remind you of the day you exchanged your vows. These elegant signs will complete your party as they fit into any location. There are so many options too! 

1. Marquee Numbers with Lights

Share with your guests how many magical years you have spent with one another. Numbers are perfect for announcing how many happy years you have shared with your loved one. Whether it be your 5th year or your 50th these signs are a reminder of that union – for you and your guests. Having lights on your marquee number signs illuminate the decor around it!

2. Heart Marquee Sign with Love Letters

Drawing a heart around you and your crush’s name was what you did before you got married. Now that you are married that heart stays as something to hold you two together, showcasing your eternal love. So keep it simple with a heart with the word LOVE. The heart is illuminated with lights and the letters are decorated with flowers. What is great about this combination is that these signs can be displayed together or in separate areas of your party. 

3. Love Marquee

If your gathering is more intimate a smaller sign may be best for your party. LOVE says it all. You can even have your marquee letters be your table for optimal space saving. Giving your party table a beautiful stand that all your guests will want pictures with. This is an exceptional location to display your cake or serve champagne. 

4. Mr & Mrs Marquee Letters

Changing from Miss to Mrs is a faithful reminder you said “I Do.” Remembering that moment you stood next to one another, exchanged vows and became Mr & Mrs. Your guests are at your party to honour the love you have for one another and how you chose to declare that love. This stunning sign is a beautiful way to share that moment with your party guests. It’s clear why this is one of the most popular signs out there!

5. Custom Marquee Letters

Have a special word you would rather share? Maybe you want to spell your names or your last name? Designing custom marquee letters is the right option for you! They are fully customizable to go with your party atmosphere. You can pick marquee letters with lights that are 4’ tall or white letters that are 32” tall. 

Are you throwing an anniversary party for you or your loved ones special day? Marquee letter rentals are available in Toronto, Markham, Richmond hill, St. Catharines, Kitchener, Mississauga, Newmarket, Ajax, Ancaster, Vaughan, Burlington, Oakville, Scarborough, Brampton, Hamilton, Guelph, Pickering, Whitby, Barrie and Oshawa.

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