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Tuesday August 11, 2020 | Design and Decor | Marquee Decor

You are now a bride to be so you get to be a little picky. If you want something, it’s yours (just please don’t go completely bridezilla). Your bridal shower is all about you. Although you may not be the one planning it you can still have a say. The host should honour your wishes and let you pick the theme. The theme carries the whole event to keep your bridal shower design and decor cohesive. We’ve got you covered for decor for any theme of your choice.

The bridal shower party will include you – the bride, the wedding party, close friends and family who are invited to the wedding. Typically your maid of honour will plan, but sometimes it’s the mother of the bride or groom. Whoever throws it will typically host, but bridal showers aren’t just thrown in homes now they can be outdoors, at venues, etc. They will probably plan for a few months before the wedding but there’s no perfect time so it can even be a few weeks prior to your big day. What you should expect is to play lots of games and activities (about you), drinking, eating and presents because a bridal shower is meant to shower you with gifts. It’s a long running tradition for women so enjoy it!

Theme Ideas

Tea Party

Colour Scheme: Light Green – Light Pink – Light Purple – White

Game: Fill unlabeled jars with various teas and have the party guests guess what teas they smell – winner gets to take the tea home!


Colour Scheme: Red – White

Game: He Said, She Said. The host will say relationship facts about the couple but not who it belongs to, guests will guess if the fact is about the bride or groom.


Colour Scheme: Gold – White – Green – Pink

Game: Gather all the couples selfies and have the guests guess where each photo was taken.

Bright and Bold 

Colour Scheme: Bright Pink -Bright Purple – Red – Gold

Game: Bridal bingo, introduce your party guests by making them play bingo. Create cards with obscure ways people relate to the bride. Write things like same eye colour or same hair colour or where they met the bride.

Garden Party 

Colour Scheme: Pink – Green – White

Game: Pass the bouquet, play some music and pass the bouquet around, if the music stops and you have the bouquet you’re out. Think hot potato. Winner gets to take the beautiful flower arrangement home.


Colour Scheme: White and Gold 

Game: TP veil, guests get into small groups and create a toilet paper veil and the bride gets to choose the best (and wear it the rest of the party!)

White Drape Enchantment Flower Wall

Pretty in Pink 

Colour Scheme: Pink – Light Pink – White

Game: Vow mad libs, draft up a few different standard vows, but leave the descriptive words empty. Then ask your guests a male name, a colour, a place, etc. They won’t know what hit them when you read the vows and the groom is famous, the bouquet is orange and the wedding takes place in the Arctic.

Balloon Decor


Colour Scheme: Light Blue – Tan – Gray – White

Game: Pictionary – wedding edition, write wedding related items on paper and have party guests take turns picking from a hat drawing it out.

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