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Monday December 21, 2020 | Design and Decor | Event Planning | Marquee Decor

Eating food together has always been a great way to bring people and learn more about them. Many workplaces, families and sports teams have potlucks as a bonding experience. The food and people at the potluck are the most important items at the event. However, you should not forget about the decorations. The decorations can help bring the party together and make it that much more fun for everyone involved. We have some great potluck rentals in Los Angeles decorations that we think you should consider for your next potluck.

Flower Walls in Los Angeles

Potlucks require a large table for everyone to put their food dishes. A flower wall would look terrific behind that large table. It will provide a beautiful backdrop to the stars of the meal. People will be visiting this area all throughout the meal, so you want to make sure this area looks its best. We have a variety of flower walls as potluck rentals in Los Angeles. available for you to choose from. Our most popular flower walls for potlucks are the green boxwood flower wall, pink blush flower wall and mixed flower wall. Our flower walls come in a standard size of  8 by 8 feet. You can extend the size of your flower wall by 8 or 16 feet, if needed. 

potluck rentals in Los Angeles

All of our flower walls as potluck rentals in Los Angeles allow you to put custom lettering on it. This is a great way to make the wall your own. Another great way to decorate the flower wall is getting some streamers and banners from your local party store.

Marquee Letters in Los Angeles

Marquee letters are another great way to decorate your potluck. We offer a variety of different marquee letters as potluck rentals in Los Angeles. The first option we offer is the marquee table. This option sees marquee letters connected with a clear table top. You can place the food for the potluck on this table. Having such a festive table is a great way to make the potluck feel that much more special for everyone involved. Another great option for potlucks are our standard marquee letters. These letters will look great in any part of the room and will be a great backdrop for your feast. Make sure you take a picture of everyone at the potluck next to these letters. 

potluck rentals in Los Angeles

Event Rentals in Los Angeles

Now that you know all about our amazing potluck rentals in Los Angeles, you may be wondering how you can get in touch with us. You can contact us at 1 (855) 954-5152 or Our team is very excited to speak with you and get you some amazing rentals for your potluck.

If you need any other rentals for your party, check out Events 365 Rentals. They have a large variety of event rentals available to help decorate your potluck.


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