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Monday December 21, 2020 | Design and Decor | Marquee Decor

New York is the largest city in all of the United States of America. It is a cultural icon across the entire world and has been featured in countless movies and tv shows. Planning an event in New York is a luxury, as there are so many decor options available. There are countless companies looking to make a name for themselves with breathtaking event decor and planning. With all of these options available to you, we want to help give you some decor planning ideas. Hopefully these event rentals in New York can give you some good starting points for decor at your event. 

Marquee Letters in New York

Marquee letters are a great piece of decor used to set the stage for the event. You have probably seen marquee letters at movie theatres. They are used to let the audience know what is going to be playing at the theatre. This is a similar concept when it comes to event planning. These event rentals in New York are a great way of letting your audience know why you are here to celebrate. Consider getting a person’s name for a birthday party or a company name or slogan for a corporate event. 

Event Rentals in New York

Photo Booths in New York

Photo booths are a great piece of decor to create a fun environment at your event. People are attracted to the camera when they have all of their friends and family around. Many photo booth event rentals in New York provide goofy props along with the booth. These props are great for creating unique photos and letting people open up at the event. Photo Booths work at so many different events because it’s not about the decor and setup itself, it’s about the people at the party.

Event Rentals in New York

Flower Walls in New York

Flower Walls are a new trend in the event industry that you will see lots of when looking for event rentals. These flower walls allow you to capture the beauty of flowers, without having to worry about natural restrictions and costs. Flower walls make for amazing backdrops and look great in photos. Many of these flower walls as event rentals in New York allow you to put lettering on the wall itself. This allows you to add a very personal touch to the flower wall. 

Event Rentals in New York

Balloons in New York

You may not like the idea of having balloons at your event because they can be considered childish and basic. Many balloon event rentals in New York have recognized this trend and have created stunning balloon displays. These balloon displays come in a variety of colours and can be placed in a variety of spots. Popular shapes for these balloon arrangements are arches and half arches. 

Event Rentals in New York

Getting Event Rentals in New York

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