Planning a Housewarming Party

Thursday August 13, 2020 | Event Planning

Welcome to your New Home!

Housewarming parties are typically held when you purchase your first home. They are a great way to meet your neighbours and get a few gifts. Even if you don’t register for gifts your guests will probably bring some wine so you’ll be stocked up nicely. So let’s start planning a housewarming party! 

Make sure you’re all unboxed!

Don’t rush the party! Make sure that you are all unpacked before you throw your party. This is because the party will be a lot nicer as an end to all the unboxing. Also you don’t want any ugly boxes laying around.


This is a party, which means you need to have some decor. Balloons are great and are a great way to signal to your guests which house is yours. The first time driving to a new place can be a little confusing so these are great indicators. Also, adding custom marquee lettering saying “HOME” is a great way to decorate the interior or exterior. These are both available for rent and are delivered and set up for you so you don’t need to lift a finger.

Invite your new neighbours.

You don’t need to only invite friends and family. Inviting your neighbours will be a great way to meet the people you’ll see on a daily basis. This is also a great way to give them a heads up that you will be having a party and the street may be full of cars.

Tour of the house.

Plan a time to give a tour of the house. All of your guests will want to see every room so instead of doing individual tours when everyone arrives tell them to wait a bit and give everyone a tour at the same time. 

Dinner Party or Buffet Dinner

How many people did you invite? How many chairs do you have? If you have enough chairs then a dinner party is a great idea. It allows you to sit down with all your guests and chat with everyone while you eat. If you have more people than chairs then save yourself the hassle and do a buffet style dinner. This way people can sit as they please and you can mingle with all your guests as they enjoy the meal. 

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